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(Bayou Bridge Pipeline adaption)

They say that pipeline will not leak, they say there’ll be no spills
Tell it to the crawfish, when it gets into their gills
Tell it to the egrets, tell it to the otters
Tell it to the people when it gets into their water

A t c h a, f a, l a, y a

Ain’t we the ones to save, save the ‘Chafalaya
(Bayou Bridge is Standing Rock on the ‘Chafalaya)
Everyone knows that pipeline, in the Siouz Dakota Nation
But did you know that pipeline is headed for the Cajun Nation

The swamp is like a sponge, the swamp is like a buffer
To hurricanes and floods, where man & nature suffer
Don’t turn those dredges loose, under Bayou LaFouche
Those floods, you bet, in Lafayette, will be returning yet

This swamp is still the best, we want an E I S
Environmental Impact Statement, not a corporate guess
There is no need to rush, these swamps have seem so much
Bayou gradeaux, you know it’s true, will leave the place a mess

by Bill Oliver, 2017